Summer doesn't want to die this year. The October sun is still nice enough to fool the flowers.
And for me, it's been a good summer; very productive. But now it's time to “ship”, as Seth Godin says. Time to finalize things, and send them off for people to see.
So I am very pleased to finally be presenting this website, where I can organize and share all my projects.

The title of the page is A STONE IN THE ROAD, which is also the title of a song that Alejandro Campos (, and I wrote earlier this year. The song talks about growing up with my older brother and how, in my mind, he made me suffer. For most of the song, I just rant on and give all my complaints and grievances, but really the whole point of the song is to finally get over it. Because nobody and nothing else is responsible for what we carry inside and for what we decide to do with it. So after all the ranting, the song reaches its conclusion:

I am the stone in your road
As the birthday candles burn
You are the stone in my road
Here to help us learn
I can't blame you for me
'Cause both of us are free
And I hope you find peace
When the clouds disappear from the sky

Welcome to everyone who has wandered in this direction.

Paul Hench



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