Soy profesor particular, con 35 años de experiencia. Me encanta el inglés, y me encanta enseñarlo. He tenido alumnos de todas las edades y todos los niveles y siempre intento adaptar mi método a las necesidades de cada alumno. Creo que la curiosidad, la imaginación, el humor y el arte, están íntimamente ligados al aprendizaje. He publicado más de 15 libros, principalmente textos de inglés para niños, en que intento poner esto en práctica.
Si estás interesado en clases presenciales o vía skype, por favor escríbeme por e-mail.

I am a private English teacher, with 35 years experience. I love the English language, and I love teaching it. I've had students of all ages and levels, and I always try to adapt my method to the needs of each student. I believe that curiosity, imagination, humor and art are all closely related to the learning process. I have published more than 15 books, mostly textbooks for teaching English to children, in which I try to put all of this in practice.
If you are interested in classes (face-to-face, or via skype), write me at:



Spanish is my second language, as I've lived more than half my life in Spain. It is a rich and saucy language (like the Spanish people!) and is spoken as a first language by just about as many people as English around the world. If you decide to give it a try, I give Spanish classes via skype. Write me at:



I've been fascinated with rhythm since I was little. I remember asking my dad what “the beat” meant. Intellectually, it was a hard concept, but we all carry it inside our bodies; it's as simple as walking, breathing or dancing.

I give private drum lessons, and also organize a Meetup group called PERCUSSION DRUMS AND ENGLISH IN LA SIERRA DE MADRID. Send me an e-mail for more information:



In 1990 I was living in Madrid, and my brother-in-law at the time (Luis López de Lerma), was a very curious person indeed; knowledgeable about the natural world around us, and a very talented illustrator and storyteller. I proposed that the two of us write an English textbook for children, based on comics and storytelling. Our proposal was accepted by a publishing company (originally Alhambra, which was later bought out by Longman, and then Pearson). We needed a superbrain to guide us pedagogically, and I remembered my old workmate from when I was living in Ávila, Mady Musiol. She joined the team, and the TWIGGY books became a reality.

Although our paths have crossed and uncrossed over the years, in 2013, the three of us started to create new teaching materials based on the same principles of love of nature and good old time fun. Our new team is called TALL TAIL PRODUCTIONS.


Here are some samples of our most current work, which consists of Story Cards, and other teaching materials based on storytelling.


You can see more more of our work here: https://www.facebook.com/talltailproductions/.
Some of our products can be purchased here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Tall-Tail-Productions


También doy talleres, para niños o adultos, sobre diferentes temas, siempre con el aprendizaje del inglés como fondo. Aquí teneís dos ejemplos.


for children (age 6-10)


I - What is percussion?

  • Hitting / drums / cymbals
  • scratching / brushes
  • shaking / maracas
  • beaters / sticks / spoons
  • hanging percussion
  • what is a resonator

II – Demonstration. Paul plays a song using only homemade percussion

III - How to make percussion instruments:
Everyone will make three different instruments: some maracas (using cans or small boxes and seeds); spoons (using rulers) and a drum (boxes or canisters). All material will be supplied, and children take their instruments home with them at the end.

IV - Techniques of how to use the different instruments to accompany songs

V - The whole group accompanies several songs (with live or recorded music), and the results are recorded. The mp3 recording will be sent to all participants via e-mail.


for teenagers or adults


The best way to learn to love a language is to play with it.

TRUE STORY OR TALL TALE? is a game in which everyone can participate, making for a total learning experience. In these talks I will tell five stories. Students will have an answer sheet where they write down if they think the stories are true or false. Then, after collecting the answer sheets, we will all go over the stories again to see how many people thought each one was true or false. Finally, I will check to see if anyone has answered all of the questions correctly. Winners will receive a prize. Motivation and participation are guaranteed!
These talks can be adapted to different levels, from elementary to advanced. The main purpose is to reinforce students' confidence in their ability to understand and participate in stories in another language.