Introducing Stan Hench

What’s in a T-shirt? What’s in a rose? What’s in a work of art?

Everyone in Spain who I show my father’s work to says: What treasures! You have to do something with it, share it with others, give others the chance to appreciate his work.

Stan Hench (1925-2016) was an artist in the truest sense of the word: he was true to his vision, and knew that creating was giving. Did he know how to sell himself? Not really.  Was he able to live off his art? Only indirectly, as an art teacher and sign painter. But did he touch people with his work, and even with his attitude on life, his clowning, his total lack of self-importance? For those who knew him, the answer is obvious. Did he change the world? He made it better for those who he touched directly, and it is my hope that he can touch many more people through his work.

My sister (Chris Hench, recently sent me a sketch book of my father’s from when he was sixteen, in 1942. It’s incredible! Here I just want to share this self-portrait from that notebook (they called him Bud when he was young).









My brothers and sister and I have been digitizing his work and sharing it on facebook ( for the last year or so, and I’m very happy to say that T-shirts and posters based on his artwork are now available at, under the name of HenchShirts. Take a look at them and please leave comments or requests (everything is customizable). Also included are my own designs, as well as those of Luis López de Lerma, my collaborator in Tall Tail Productions (


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