Meetup: Tell Me Stories, Tell Me Lies

12 November, 2016 @ 11:30 – 13:00
Los Molinos


Tell stories and tell lies!
Everybody loves a good story. Everybody loves to play.
Would you like to listen to stories in English?
Do you like to tell stories?
Are you good at telling lies?
Can you tell when someone else is lying?
Would you like to practice your English while playing a “lie vs. truth” game?
The relationship between lies and stories runs very deep. When a child learns to lie, that’s the beginning of the explosion: the imagination has no limits; fantasy and reality feed off each other; the world of “make believe” is powerful and fun, and we carry it with us all our lives.
TELL ME STORIES, TELL ME LIES is a Meetup group that will get together to tell stories which are either true stories or lies. Your English level must be good enough to commit to the following:
Only speak English during the hour and a half session. If you don’t understand something, ask for a clarification.
Come prepared to tell one or more stories, which can be true, or completely made up. The stories should be about five minutes long. Give us all the juicy details!
Every person will have a piece of paper on which they will vote on which stories they have heard are true, and which are made up. You also get points for fooling others with your story. So make your stories incredible, and make your lies believable. No prizes, just good fun!
The first sessions will be at my house in Los Molinos, but we can organize them at other places as well.
Tell me stories! Tell me lies!

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