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Born 1955 in Michigan. Studied anthropology at the University of Michigan, and then moved to Europe in 1978. Have lived in Bilbao, Fuenterrabía (Basque Country), Madrid, Rome (Italy), Lisbon and Torres Vedras (Portugal), and finally in Cercedilla and Los Molinos which are in central Spain, just NW of Madrid.

Have been an English teacher for the last 35 years, and have also published various text books for teaching English. Am currently creating language teaching materials with Tall Tail Productions (

I am also a percussionist and drummer, as well as a lyric writer. My interest in music goes a long way back, but my first attempts at writing song lyrics was in the early 1990s for the Twiggy project, a series of comic books for teaching English to Spanish children, in which I collaborated with Luis López de Lerma and Mady Musiol.

Began playing percussion in 1999 when I started collaborating with my brothers Stan and Mark. Although we live in different parts of the world, we collaborated on a series of songs, calling ourselves Toe Jam. Over the years, I have played drums and contributed lyrics to a number of formations. My most current groups are The Maintenant ( and BFD (, in which I form a composing team with Alejandro Campos (,

The biggest influence on my life was from my father, Stan Hench. He was an amazing man who was true to the artistic vision of his youth, and never stopped creating art his entire life ( All of the artwork on this site was his.